Today’s Catch

Our seafood is fresh from North Carolina fishermen. The availability of a product is dependent on many factors including weather conditions, season, and regulatory closures. Listed below is what we may have available today. If you’re here on a FRIDAY, this list is what’s available to pre-order for SATURDAY pickup. 

This list was last updated Monday at 10:50 AM. Items may sell out before our markets close.

Our most popular items often sell out before the weekend. We encourage customers to reserve their weekend purchase ahead of time.


If you’re looking for a specific product, we recommend you contact us before heading to the market.

Fresh Fish (size)

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scaled + gutted/lb
Check back WED for fish updates$market

Frozen Fish (size)

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Skinless Fillet / lb
(~12oz pack, 2 servings)
Almaco Jack - skin on$14
Catfish - IQF 5 lb BULK DEAL$35
Cobia - skin on$18
Golden Tilefish - skin on$20
Red Porgy - skin on$17
Snowy Grouper - skin on$20
Striped Bass (jumbo/thick) - skin on$19

Frozen Shrimp

Pamlico Sound

21/30 large
21/30 5 lb DEAL
36/40 medium
Heads ONLY
Headless, In Shell Chem Free IQF$14$60
JUMBO Shrimp Heads ONLY - 4# box$10
Peeled & Deveined chem free IQF$16

Soft Shell Crab - Frozen

Albemarle Sound

Prime / MD
Jumbo / LG
Whale / XL
Soft Shell Crab - cleaned$5$6$7
Soft Shell Crab - cleaned 4 PACK $24

Soft Shell Crab - Fresh

Albemarle Sound

Prime / MD
Jumbo / LG
Whale / XL
Soft Shell Crab - LIVE or cleaned$6$7$8

Blue Crab Meat

Albemarle/Pamlico Sound

Jumbo Lump
Crab Roe
FRESH Crab Meat - 1 lb$40$35$28
Frozen Blue Crab Meat$12


Cultivated - in shell

Bell's Reef - North River$15$45$80
Core Sounder - Jarrett Bay$15$45$80
Pamlico Bounty - Pamlico River$10$35$65


in shell

Littleneck Clams $8$30$55

Oysters / Clams


6lb gallon
Shucked Bay River Oysters $20$120
Shucked NC Oysters - FROZEN$36

Sea Scallops

dry pack

10/20 count (large)$20
U10 count (jumbo)$24

Locals Seafood Butchery (pre-order required)

2 pack - 8 oz total
4 pack - 10 oz total
4 pack - 6 oz total
4 pack - 12 oz total
8 oz tub
Crab Cakes$26
Fish Sticks$6
Shrimp & Scallop Hot Dogs$10
Shrimp Andouille Sausage$12
Shrimp Garlic & Herb Sausage$12
Shrimp Hot Link Sausage$12
Shrimp Kielbasa Sausage$12
Smoked Fish Dip$9
Tuna Bloodline Burger$6

Roe / Caviar

set / pair
30 grams (~1 oz)
Osetra Caviar CLASSIC grade - SPECIAL ORDER$65
Shad Roe frozen$14

Seafood For Pets

0.5 lb pack
3 packs
1.2 oz pack
Brunswick Chews for Dogs$5
Pamlico Pawté - Snacks for Dogs & Cats$4$10