Locals Catch Seafood Subscription

Calling all seafood lovers! Sign up for the Locals Catch Seafood Subscription to receive seasonal North Carolina seafood every week. Our program is a great way to explore the state’s seafood and save money. Each weekly subscription includes two selections of North Carolina seafood. These selections are usually a pound each, but some items are included by count rather than weight (oysters, soft shell crabs, etc.).

Sign up for the upcoming season and find answers to frequently asked questions below.

Winter Season 2023 begins January 11th


Raleigh State Farmers Market
1209 Farmers Market Dr, Raleigh

JAN 11, 18, 25, FEB 1, 8, 15, 22, MAR 1

THURSDAY 10 am – 4 pm

Durham Food Hall
530 Foster Street, Durham

JAN 11, 18, 25, FEB 1, 8, 15, 22, MAR 1

THURSDAY 11 am – 8 pm

What should I expect each week?

The Locals Catch is for those looking to increase their exposure to locally caught seafood. Each week includes a mix of NC fish and shellfish. We like to include crowd favorites, like Flounder, as well as lesser-known species, like Mullet. Don’t know how to cook something new? We’re happy to help you find recipes and preparation tips so you can make the most of your meal. Most of the fish selections will be skin on fillets but, we do occasionally feature whole fish, shrimp, or live shellfish.

The sample listings below will give you an idea of what to expect each season.


Black Sea Bass, Bigeye Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Clams, Dogfish, Flounder, Golden Tilefish, Monkfish, Ribbonfish, Vermilion Snapper, Triggerfish, White Grunt, Oysters, Yellowfin Tuna, Fresh Shrimp

What if I miss a pickup?

We encourage our Locals Catch members to find a friend to pick up if they can’t make it. If your subscription has not been picked up by Friday afternoon, we will freeze the fish selections for weekend pickup at your selected market. Live shellfish offerings will be forfeited.


“I appreciate the opportunity to introduce my family to new types of FRESH seafood while supporting NC fishermen, which is important to this Eastern NC transplant who still has many friends in the industry. I look forward to our future shares!”

“Fantastic! Thanks so much for organizing this weekly. We’ve had such a great time finding recipes and cooking together. My kids have even ventured beyond shrimp and flounder, so I consider it a complete success. Last night, we had bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp, and we boiled cubes of sheepshead in a crab boil and served it with drawn butter. Everything was delicious!”