Bell’s Reef


FLAVOR clean, sweet finish
SALINITY medium to high
CUP DEPTH moderate
AVAILABLE year-round
GROWN IN North River near Bettie, NC
CULTIVATED BY Michael Starks

Bell’s Reef oysters are grown in the North River, tucked away from the nearby sound and open ocean. Growing this distance from the Atlantic results in a complex oyster that isn’t overpowered by salinity. The meat is chewy with a subtly sweet finish.

Grower Michael Starks has been in the fishing industry for nearly two decades, growing shellfish for much of his career. Meet Michael and hear more about what clams and oysters mean to his livelihood in this interview with NC Sea Grant.


“They were FANTASTIC! Just as good as any wild-caught oyster I’ve ever eaten, and salty too! I’ll definitely be back. Glad I no longer have to wait until I go home to eat oysters.”

Bell's Reef Oyster

Grown near Otway by Michael Starks

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