Bay Scallops


HARVESTED IN the Core Sound near Harkers Island, NC
A GREAT SOURCE OF omega-3s, iron, selenium

Bay Scallops from Core Sound, NC from Locals Seafood
The scallop is easy to love. It has a beautiful shell, is an adorable swimmer, looks gorgeous on the plate, and tastes delicious. The firm white meat of the abductor muscle is a beloved seafood around the globe. Scallops can be dressed up with lots of flavor, or sprinkled with a little salt and seared in butter. It is one of the fastest seafoods to cook.

These bay scallops are coming from the Core Sound near Harkers Island, NC. Bay scallops are grown in the sound and smaller in size than an Atlantic scallop.

Our fishmonger Michellene has this to say about cooking scallops: “get your butter or oil really, really hot in a cast iron or steel pan. Place the scallop in the pan and let it sit – don’t move it around or flip it. Wait until that scallop isn’t sticking to the pan and a spatula can easily slide underneath it, about 2-3 minutes. Then flip it and don’t move it around. And about 2-3 minutes later that scallop is ready.”

Our scallops are dry packed, which means they are free from preservatives or chemicals.


Grill, Deep-fry, Bake, Sautée

Freezes well

Pan-seared Scallops

by Locals Seafood

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