Locals Seafood is honored to have been featured in the short film UGLY & WILD by Vittles Films in partnership with the NC 10% Campaign and CEFS. This film profiles our business of moving fresh seafood from the North Carolina coast to the Triangle. Due to the huge increase in imported seafood, nearly 40% of NC fish houses have closed in the last 10 years. These imported products are familiar, cheap, often frozen, and caught or harvested using unregulated methods. Our mission is to instill stability and prosperity in the North Carolina seafood economy by creating a market for fresh North Carolina seafood, even the ugliest of fish. UGLY & WILD explores how Locals Seafood is creating new connections with venerable coastal fishing families to bring one of the state’s last wild foods to a dinner plate near you. Please enjoy the film below!

Director + Camera + Editing | D.L. Anderson, Vittles Films
Producer | Mikel Barton, D.L. Anderson, Vittles Films
Graphics | Lauren Hunter
Asst. Editor | Michele Lotker
GoPro | Ryan Speckman
Soundtrack | Herbert Boland, Podington Bear, Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou, Quran Karriem, Swizzymack, Tegucigalpan