North Carolina oysters are facing difficult times. The water is hotter and saltier then usual on our coast this summer. Inflation is increasing the cost of fuel and materials. And oyster farms have been experiencing large mortality events since late spring.

Despite difficult conditions, our oyster farmers are still producing tasty oysters that are safe to eat. We will likely see increases oyster prices as the scarcity continues, but we hope you will continue to support our state’s oyster farmers and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

The spring & summer mortality events have recently been covered by WUNC and the news service of the NC Coastal Federation, 

Summer mortality events wipe out oyster farms as researchers begin search for the cause – WUNC
Brutal season for farmed oyster mortality along NC coast –

These mortality events are a reminder of our changing climate. It’s important for seafood consumers to understand the conditions that are impacting the industry. An informed consumer is better equipped to make smart shopping decisions and understand price fluctuations. Our role is to keep you linked to the coast both in food and information.

Whether it’s at our restaurant, our markets, or at our wholesale customers, we encourage you to keep asking questions and learning about our state’s seafood, and to keep enjoying all the bounty our waters have to offer.