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Old Bay Poached Shrimp 1lb
> ready-to-eat, 21/30 count peeled + deveined NC Shrimp with tail on, poached and tossed in Old Bay. Comes with side of cocktail and lemon
Shrimp Salad 7oz
> ready-to-eat, Celery, Green onion,Mayo, Mustard, Honey, Cayenne, Lemon Juice, Salt, Pepper
Smoked Fish Dip 7oz
> our famous, smokey Ready-to-eat dip!
Crab Dip 8oz
> fresh made with NC claw meat. Just warm in the oven!
Oysters Rockefeller (dozen)
> oven-ready, frozen NC oysters with rockefeller topping. Peel lid and heat in oven.
Jumbo Scallop Skewers 3 skewers, 12 total U12 count scallops
> wrapped in apple-smoked bacon and skewered. Ready for the grill or oven.

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