Our customer Lori L. shared her experience cooking shad roe, along with her recipe.

“This is my first experience with shad roe EVER. My husband and his father “in the day” caught shad in Waccamaw and Cape Fear Rivers and ate shad roe by the campfire with flatiron toast, onions and lemons. It’s hard to match a memory like that, so this was a very serious undertaking to me. Here’s my recipe for shad roe, after a lot of reading and LISTENING!

I am happy to report that my husband was pleasantly surprised with the delectable dish placed on the table. My many thanks to Locals Seafood for giving me this opportunity! If shad roe had not been on their website I never would have known this rich history!!!”


1 set shad roe

Fresh basil




Olive oil



Soak shad roe in salted water and refrigerate for 2-6 hours. Depending on your “love” of the fresh saltwater flavor, use less or more salt.

Prior to removing shad roe from salt water, put a saucepan on the stove on medium/medium high heat adding freshly chopped basil, sliced lemon, sliced garlic, a drop of olive oil, and yes, more salt. Let it boil / simmer until you start smelling the blessed aroma.

Turn the heat down and poach shad roe for 1-3 minutes or until you don’t see any red.

Remove shad roe from the stove, cut them in quarters and wrap in center cut bacon securing with a toothpick by “sewing” the toothpick thru the bacon so you can turn them and cook on all sides.

Place the bacon wrapped pieces into a preheated skillet. Wait for the bacon to cook thoroughly.

Armed with fresh basil, sliced lemon, toast and whatever else your heart desires, sit down and enjoy a truly magnificent “rite of spring” from the Carolina’s.