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Locals Seafood was started with a cooler of shrimp from Stumpy Point on the side of the road. Shrimp is how we got our start and remains one of our most popular items to this day.

According to the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, “shrimp are the second most economically important fishery in North Carolina. In 2004, Tar Heel fishermen caught 4.9 million pounds of shrimp, worth $9 million.” Shrimping is one of the most important industries on the state’s coastline. It’s essential to our state’s economy, and it’s essential for your boiled shrimp party dish!

Recently, a group of citizens proposed a rule that would prohibit all trawling for shrimp or crabs in all internal waters in the state. This will mean no more NC shrimp caught in sounds or any other internal waters like the Pamlico Sound – one of our most reliable sources.

This Tuesday, July 30th, 2013  we will deliver public comment in New Bern expressing our support of fresh, local, wild-caught seafood and economic diversity in our state by publicly opposing this new rule. We’d love to see you there.