FLAVOR clean & grassy
CUP SIZE small
CUP DEPTH shallow
AVAILABLE year-round
GROWN IN Pamlico Sound near Ocracoke Island, NC
CULTIVATED BY Albert O’Neal & Stevie Wilson

Woccocon (pronounced Wa-ka-kan) Oysters are grown on the sound side of Ocracoke Island. After being settled by colonists in the 17th century, this little island earned the name “Woccocon,” probably derived from the nearby Woccon tribe. Over the centuries, the name evolved into its modern iteration: Ocracoke. 

Growing in the shallow waters of the Pamlico Sound, Woccocon oysters take on a clean, grassy flavor. Their proximity to the open ocean keeps the salinity level medium to high.


Grown by Woccocon Oyster Company near Ocracoke Island

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