Stump Sound


FLAVOR meaty
CUP SIZE small
AVAILABLE October through December
GROWN IN Stump Sound, Topsail Island
HARVESTED BY hand-tonging
Arguably the most famous oyster in North Carolina, Stump Sound oysters are as refreshing as the ocean itself. The Stump Sound is found on the northwest side of Topsail Island, near enough to the Atlantic to create a salty oyster, but sheltered from strong currents. This oyster is small and salty. They hold up well to steaming and cooking, and are an excellent half shell option.


“We bought a peck of stump sound oysters last weekend and they were amazing!!! We had them raw, baked and steamed- raw was definitely our favorite – so so good!”

“Stump Sound oysters had a good flavor and were not gritty.  I’ll be back!!!”

“Got a dozen Stump Sound oysters and some black bass fillets at the Chapel Hill Farmers market from Locals Seafood this am. The oysters were amazing, maybe the best I’ve ever eaten.”

Stump Sound Oyster

Wild harvested from the Stump Sound and surrounding area

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