Locals Seafood Butchery items are made at our restaurant, Locals Oyster Bar, with NC seafood.

Pre-order is required for these items, check availability this weekend here.

Smoked Fish Dip

READY TO EAT | 8oz package – $9

INGREDIENTS: smoked seasonal NC fish, canola oil, lemon juice, sour cream, spices, dill, pickled red onion (distilled vinegar, water, sugar, salt, spices).
*Contains: Fish, Dairy (sour cream)

Tuna Bloodline Burgers

FROZEN | 2 burgers, ~4oz each – $6/pack

INGREDIENTS: Raw tuna bloodline, butter, spices
*Contains: Fish, Dairy (milk powder)

Raw. Vacuum Sealed & Frozen – Just thaw, cook & serve.

Crab Cakes

FROZEN | 2 cakes, ~3oz each – $14/pack

View cooking instructions here.

INGREDIENTS: claw & backfin NC crabmeat, roasted peppers, garlic, shallots, dill, chive, parsley, lemon zest, sour cream
**Contains: Shellfish (blue crab), Gluten (breadcrumbs), Dairy (sour cream)

Vacuum Sealed & Frozen

Shrimp Kielbasa Sausages

FROZEN | 2 sausages, ~4oz each – $12/pack

INGREDIENTS: NC shrimp, pork fat & casing, spices, salt
**Contains: Shellfish (shrimp), Pork (casing), Dairy (milk powder)

Vacuum Sealed & Frozen – Fully smoked, just heat & serve

Shrimp Garlic & Herb Sausages

FROZEN | 2 sausages, ~4oz each – $12/pack

INGREDIENTS: NC Shrimp, pork fat & casing, spices, salt, garlic, herbs, worcestershire, white wine, lemon zest
**Contains: Shellfish (shrimp), Pork (casing, fat), Dairy (milk powder) 

Vacuum Sealed & Frozen – Fully cooked, just heat & serve

Shrimp & Scallop Hot Dogs

FROZEN | 4 dogs, ~2.5oz each – $10/pack

INGREDIENTS: NC shrimp, scallops, butter, spices, nitrates
**Contains: Shellfish (shrimp, scallops), Sheep (casing), Dairy (milk powder), Nitrates

Vacuum Sealed & Frozen – Fully cooked, just heat & serve

Fish Sticks

FROZEN | 4 pack, ~1.5oz each – $6/pack

View cooking instructions here.

INGREDIENTS: NC catfish, egg, rice flour, potato flakes.
**Contains: Fish, egg
**Gluten Free

Vacuum Sealed & Frozen

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Sweet, clean flavor. Firm meat.

Fresh Picked Blue Crab

Hand picked in North Carolina