Chadwick Creek


FLAVOR complex
CUP SIZE medium
AVAILABLE year-round
GROWN IN Bay River near Bayboro, NC
CULTIVATED BY Chris & Kelly Matteo of Chadwick Creek Oysters

Grown in a creek off Bay River, on the western edge of the Pamlico Sound, Chadwick Creek oysters have a subtle salinity that allows their complex flavor to shine. And these oysters aren’t just tasty – they’re pretty. They are a consistent size with a beautiful shell.


“We loved the Chadwick Creek oysters! They were delicious out of the shell, pretty low salinity so we added a tiny bit of salt, but mild enough that my mother-in-law and I actually liked them raw. I decided to try grilling them with a garlic butter creole sauce and they were AMAZING.”

“The oysters were a great size and super delicious!”

Chadwick Creek Oysters

Grown by Chris Matteo near Bayboro

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