Ugly & Wild: Learning to Love NC Fish

Locals Seafood is honored to have been featured in the short film UGLY & WILD by Vittles Films in partnership with the NC 10% Campaign and CEFS. Watch the film here.

Harvesting NC Shrimp

Harvesting NC Shrimp

Watch Luke Midgett and the crew of the N-Seine harvest shrimp from the waters near Stumpy Point, N.C.

Oyster Shell Recycling

North Carolina’s oyster reefs have countless benefits. Learn how you can recycle oyster shells to save North Carolina oyster reefs.

HB 983 – Do the math

A petition before the NC Marine Fisheries Commission could signal the end of NC’s shrimp industry. The petitioners failed to include any economic impact data as required by the NCMFC petition process. So we asked two experts to do the math independently and here’s what they came up with. Bad public policy could leave your plate empty and thousands out of work. Act now to protect and preserve your access to fresh NC seafood.

NC Shrimp in Jeopardy

Learn more about the petition submitted by special interest groups to the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission (NCMFC) that will effectively shut down NC’s shrimping industry.


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