Tilefish Collars

“The tilefish collars were amazing! I used the recipe from Bon Appetit! I made a napa cabbage , carrot ,and ginger stirfry to go under them. Thanks for the inspiration and superior products!” – Chapel Hill Farmers Market Customer


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Winter CSF Season Starts Feb 5

Save $$ on a variety of seafood fresh from NC Fishermen. It’s a great way to try new things! >> LEARN MORE


Raleigh State Farmers Market
THURSDAYS 10am-4pm

FEB 5, 12, 19, 26, MAR 5, 12, 19, 26

>> Purchase Share

Locals Seafood Hub

1401 Diggs Drive, Suite B, Raleigh >> MAP
FEB 5, 12, 19, 26, MAR 5, 12, 19, 26

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Ramble Supply Oyster Roast

Small Card-04

Friday, Jan 16: Come celebrate Ramble Supply Co.’s Grand Opening + Arrowhead Collective website launch with:

Tunes by Tim Green + David Mitcheson
Oysters provided by Locals Seafood
Dranks by Tasty Beverage Company – Raleigh
Co-hosted by Lumina Clothing Company

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Golden Tilefish

Catch Info: Fish Landed @ Southport, NC
Capt: Steve Shelley, F/V Mollie D
Catch Method: hook n line

Golden Tilefish

Tilefish is perfect for the broiler or a pan roast – it’s a mild white fish that provides the perfect gateway for exploring species that may not have been on your radar. Customers have also reported poaching this meaty fish in shrimp or lobster stock with great results.

Sauteed Tilefish with Haricots Verts and Tomato Vinaigrette and Turned Potatoes

Pesto encrusted Tilefish grilled on a maple plank

Pan seared Tilefish with Wild Mushrooms and Asparagus

Substitute in recipes that call for grouper, halibut and pollock. This is a great opportunity to refer to the classic Mark Bittman guide, White Fillet a Dozen Ways.

Oven Roasted Tilefish

Pan Roasted Tilefish with Garlic Beurre Blanc

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Bodie Island Oysters

CATCH INFO: Cultivated in Roanoke Sound near Wanchese, NC
Grower: Joey Daniels


Sustainably raised on the Roanoke Sound in North Carolina, these oysters are grown in the pristine waters on the estuarine side of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Growing this close to the mighty Atlantic, these oysters boast a world-class salt-flavor profile. They are pruned through mechanical tumbling several times during their average two-year growth cycle in order to break off the new growth on the lips of the shell, forcing the oyster to slow down and form a deeper cup with a thicker shell. This technique also contributes to their lovely teardrop shape. They are consistently hand-graded and sold in boxes of 100 — not shoveled into bags of an unspecified quantity.

Bodie Island Oysters serves to benefit to our environment, as our farming activity contributes to — rather than taking from — the natural resources provided by the ocean. Our oysters were born in a hatchery and placed in the wild, where they filter millions of gallons of seawater daily. The off-bottom cages where they live keep these oysters grit-free and actually become nursery havens to other species. Like miniature artificial reefs, they are home to barnacles, seaweed, juvenile fish, shrimp, crabs, and — yes — wild oysters, too.


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Triggerfish is back!

RECENT CATCH INFO: Fish landed @ Beaufort, NC
Fisherman: Jimmy Eady F/V ZigZag
Catch method: hook n line

photo: MandolinKitchen

Grey Triggerfish remind us of some of the characters we meet on the coast, thick skinned, but sweet on the inside. Trigger is a “trash fish” success story, not too long ago, folks tossed this catch. The skin of this fish has been compared to a tough baseball glove. We sell the fillets skin off, so no worries about getting that stuck in your teeth. This fillet is firm yet flakes beautiful white meat. It can be substituted in any recipe that calls for snapper.

Triangle area chefs love this fish, but the love doesn’t stop in our corner of the south. Charleston-based Chefs Sean Brock and Mike Lata sing the praises of Trigger in this 2009 Charleston City Paper article. 2009! Chefs have been sweet on this beautiful white fish for ages. Your turn.

See you at the markets!

Grilled Triggerfish with Potato Salad from James Beard 2014 semifinalist Jeremiah Bacon

Pecan crusted Trigger with pecan veggie relish

Triggerfish and asparagus bundles

Cornmeal crusted Triggerfish with Dilly Farro Salad

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‘Tis the season to enjoy NC Seafood!


‘Tis the season to enjoy NC Seafood! Our features this weekend, Black Sea Bass and Flounder, produce mild, white fillets and are also great fish to cook whole. Monkfish is back in season and many love it’s sweet flavor + firm, lobster-like texture. Last winter, many customers enjoyed trying Ribbonfish, an unfamiliar but delicious NC fish that’s mild and flaky. It’s back in season, so give it a try this weekend.

JUST IN: Peeled + Deveined NC Shrimp. Ready to thaw and cook, these medium sized shrimp were vacuum packed and flash frozen right after harvest. Perfect for the Holiday Season!

Our NC Oysters are sold shucked by the pint or in-shell by the dozen, peck (~50), half bushel (100+) or bushel (200+). Wild Harvest Pamlico Sound Oysters are larger and perfect for a roast or grill. Chadwick Creek Oysters have a clean, deep cup and are excellent on the half-shell.

>> PRE-ORDERby FRIDAY 3pm or stop by the market

In addition to our normal weekend hours, we will be OPEN Monday, DEC 22 + Tuesday, DEC 23 @ the Raleigh Farmers Market so you can add fresh NC seafood to your holiday menus. You can also catch us WED, DEC 31 for your New Years Eve seafood needs. Full schedule list below. See you at the markets.

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Mish’s Jalapeno Oyster Casserole

Try this staff favorite. Brought to you from the Kitchen of our own Michelene King.

Michelene's Jalepeno Oyster Casserole

Ingredients: Bread Crumbs, Shucked NC Oysters, Jalapenos, Crumbled Bacon, and Grated Cheese.

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Bake 350° for 20 minutes or until bubbly. Enjoy!

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Holiday Hours

We are accepting holiday orders @ http://localsseafood.com/order

Raleigh State Farmers Market
Market Shoppes Building
1209 Farmers Market Dr
- Thursday, DEC 18 • 10am-4pm
- Friday, DEC 19 • 10am-4pm
- Saturday, DEC 20 • 10am-4pm
- Sunday, DEC 21 • 11am-3pm
- Monday, DEC 22 • 10am-4pm
- Tuesday, DEC 23 • 10am-4pm
**CLOSED DEC 24 – 30**
- Wednesday, Dec 31 • 10am-4pm

Chapel Hill Farmers Market
University Mall
- Saturday, DEC 20 • 9am-12pm

Western Wake Farmers Market
Carpenter Village – Cary
- Saturday, DEC 20 • 9:30am-12pm

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Atlantic Croaker

RECENT CATCH INFO: Fish landed @ Wanchese, NC
Captain: William Spence
Catch Method: gill net


Atlantic Croaker are small, bottom dwelling fish caught throughout North Carolina’s sounds and shorelines. A member of the Drum Family, (which includes Red Drum, Black Drum, and Sea Trout) Croaker are mild in flavor and have light textured flesh. Their name comes from the loud drumming sound the fish makes when vibrating their swim bladders.

Pan Fried Whole Croaker

Roasted Croaker w/Braised Collards and Johnny Cakes

Pan Fried Croaker

Multiple Whole Croaker Recipes

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