Fresh Picked Crab Meat


Our crab meat is fresh picked (never pasteurized) from steamed Blue Crabs caught in Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound. Our main source is Mattamuskeet Seafood, located in Swan Quarter, NC. They are a family owned business, in operation for over 30 years.

Crab Meat Grades:

Jumbo Lump crab meat comes from the two swimming legs of larger crabs. It can be used whole and has a brilliant white color. It makes a premium crab cake when mixed with backfin or lump and is delicious warmed in butter or as a topping on steak, fish or salads.

Lump crab meat is composed of smaller broken pieces of Jumbo Lump and Backfin. This grade of crab meat is ideal for crab cakes.

Backfin comes from the body of the crab and is white in color. It’s perfect for salads, crab cakes and dips.

Claw meat comes from the swimming fins and claws. It has a stronger taste profile and is darker in color. It is ideal in soups and dips.

Classic Maryland Style Crab Cakes

Thai-Spiced Watermelon Soup with Crabmeat

Crabmeat Casserolettes

More Blue Crab Meat Recipes on Pinterest

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CATCH INFO 7.22.14: Brown & White Shrimp landed @ Stumpy Point, NC
Captain: Luke Midgett F/V N-Seine
Catch Method: otter trawl


Shrimp Recipes

Cast-Iron Recipe: Sautéed Shrimp and Okra – Garden & Gun

Shrimp on the Rocks – Garden & Gun

Shrimp à la Bittman – Food 52

Shrimp Gumbo – Food 52

More recipes on Pinterest

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Speckled Trout

CATCH INFO 7.22.14: Fish Landed @ Wanchese, NC
Fisherman: I.D. Midgett
Catch method: Gill Net



John Besh’s Louisiana Speckled Trout Amandine

Trout Orleans

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Striped Mullet

CATCH INFO 6.24.14: Fish landed @ Wanchese, NC
Captain: Ryan Peele
Catch Method: gill net
aka: Jumping Mullet

Striped Mullet has a rich, nutty flavor due to its high oil content. The flesh cooks up white, firm and moist.

Mullet are excellent grilled or smoked over charcoal.



Blue Cornmeal Crusted NC Mullet

Biloxi Bacon (Smoked Mullet with Cane Syrup Glaze)

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Black Drum

CATCH INFO 6.12.14: Fish landed @ Wanchese, NC
Captain: Brock Tillet
Catch Method: gill net


Black drum are large, long-lived members of the drum family (Sciaenidae), reaching over 1 meter (3.3 ft) in length and weighing over 50 kg (110 lbs). They are one of only four members of this family that possess chin barbels set in pairs. Black drum, as their name suggests, are dark in color with a silvery luster. Their body shape is characteristic in that their back is distinctly elevated. When young, they possess four to five dark vertical bars that fade and eventually disappear as the animal grows.

Black Drum have a mild, sweet flavor with firm, white flesh and large, moist flakes. It is comparable to Red Snapper and cooks up to pure white. Both Red Drum & Black Drum have similar flavors, but Black Drum has a coarser, meater flesh. The smaller fish of both species tend to be sweeter and flakier. (


Cast Iron Black Drum

Andouille Crusted Black Drum w/ Sauteed Kale & Pecan Butter Sauce

Blackened Redfish (works w/ Black Drum too)

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Second Saturday – June 14th


Join us this Second Saturday, June 14th for an open celebration of food and community along the Raleigh Food Corridor!

There will be pop-up markets, city walks, urban farms, community gardens, food installations, local artisans, volunteer opportunities and local businesses doing special food events just for you.

The goal for Second Saturday is to showcase new and exciting food and community related projects in the Corridor through events.  Second Saturday events bring you close rto your food and closer to your neighbor. Our full event’s list for June 14th is below, join us for as many events as you’d like!

Movable Gathering for Good
9:00am – 11:00am

meet at Moore Square across from bus station
Join Erin White of Community Food Lab for a walk from Moore Square along the Raleigh Food Corridor. We’ll be imagining how and why food can be re-integrated into our city as this part field study, part investigation, and part urban design walk takes you to some of the Corridor’s exciting places. Highlights include a guerilla garden patch, the soft opening of Oak City Outreach Center, the Marbles Kids Museum Garden and the City’s newest farmer’s market. Please RSVP.

Garden Volunteering with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
8:30am – 11:30am
500 Hoke Street

Prep + build a shade structure to go in the middle of Urban Eden, a community gathering spot, for respite from the sun as well as for potlucks and community meetings. Bring shovels and hard rakes if you have ‘em! Gloves and sun protection are recommended.  Please RSVP.

Prince Hall Garden Volunteering in the Prince Hall Historic District
9:00am - midday
Corner of Person and Cabarrus

Prince Hall Garden Build. Help install a new garden plot! Bring any garden tools you have! Gloves and sun protection are recommended.  Please RSVP.

Exploris Middle School
9:00am – 12:00pm
106 S Wilmington Street

Students will be making colorful planters with edible plants to demonstrate gardening techniques they are learning, and to help create an edible streetscape! They will be planting at Centro and one other location downtown.

Stanbury Escazu Pop-Up Market
10:00am – 2:00pm
938 N. Blount Street

In the Stanbury and Ezcazu parking lot: Locals Seafood, Old Milburnie Farm, Happy + Hale, Green Button Farm, Boulted Bread, Escazu Chocolates, Stanbury Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar

10:00am – 2:00pm
106 S Wilmington Street

DIY salsa station with local/seasonal ingedients, hosted by youth from Boys and Girls Club.

Marbles Kids Museum Garden Gourmet
11:00am – 1:00pm
201 East Hargett Street

Super Power Green Beans: Join us in Castaway Cove Kids Garden to make a fresh and healthy 3-bean salad, plant-a-pot with bean seeds and learn how to harvest and prepare some lean string beans

Activate 14
11:00am – 4:00pm
14 East Peace Street

Community Engagement in Placemaking and Design+Build Competition: An innovative Design + Build Competition for a temporary summer events structure, and a call to action for community engagement. Details here.

Grocers on Wheels
12:30pm – 2:00pm
Winterhaven, corner of East and Hargett

Glenwood Towers 509 Glenwood Ave

If you haven’t checked them out yet, come visit SE Raleigh’s mobile grocer, run by a third-generation Raleigh food vendor! Look for the blue pickup truck, and don’t forget a homemade pie.

Joule Coffee
4:30 PM
223 S Wilmington Street

Afternoon tea, reflection on the day, and looking ahead to July! Joule will add a seasonal sangria to their specials list, and delicious snacks.

Full up-to-date details on our website and on facebook.

Hope to see you,
the team at Raleigh Food Corridor

Be sure to follow the Corridor online, on facebook, and on twitter too.

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Red Porgy (aka Pink Snapper)

CATCH INFO 7.15.14: Fish Landed @ Beaufort, NC
Fisherman: Jimmy Eady F/V Zig Zag
Catch method: hook n line



Vermilion Snapper – top
Red Porgy (Pink Snapper) – bottom

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Yellowfin Tuna

CATCH INFO 7.22.14: Fish landed @ Wanchese, NC
Captain: F/V Sarah Brent
Catch Method: longline

Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty flavor. It’s more flavorful than albacore, but leaner than bluefin. The meat is bright red when raw but turns brown to grayish-tan when cooked. The meat is firm and moist, with large flakes. (



Seared Tuna Steaks

Thai Tuna Burgers w/ Ginger-Lemon Mayonaise


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Raleigh’s newest Farmers’ Market opening 5/28 from 4-7pm


You are Invited… to grow a healthier, happier Raleigh, see public invite below.

Join Mayor Nancy McFarlane for remarks @ 4pm.
And the awesome cast of Farmers and Vendors below, with more to come.

4-7pm Wednesday May 28th.


  • Kailyard Farm  : Seasonal diversified vegetables grown with sustainable practices, on multiple small plots, right downtown.

  • Endless Sun Produce : Year-round varieties of baby leaf lettuce heads, using hydroponic practices, sold with roots attached, grown right downtown.

  • Understory Farm : Year-round oyster mushrooms grown indoors in Carrboro, also seasonal shitakis and other locally foraged wild mushrooms and mushroom grow kits.

  • Old Milburnie Farm : Specialty vegetables, herbs, flowers and seasonal mushrooms grown just outside the beltline.

  • Color Fields : Seasonal diversified vegetables & flowers grown with sustainable practices in Hurdle Mills.

  • Double T Farm : A beyond-organic family-farm in Clayton, offering a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits.


  • Coon Rock Farm : A family-farm in Hillsborough offering a wide-variety of pasture-raised, antibiotic & hormone free proteins, including chicken, eggs, pork, goat and lamb.

  • Walk Ahead Farm : A family-farm in Youngsville offering pastured chicken and duck eggs, meats, seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers.

  • Locals Seafood : Fresh, seasonal seafood, directly from the coast of North Carolina.


  • Boulted Bread : Craft breads made with premium and locally sourced grains, milled inhouse in downtown Raleigh.

  • Moonflour Bakery : Delicious gluten-free breads, pastries and baked-goods made by a third generation baker from Hungry, baking in Durham.


  • Crude Bitters & Sodas : Craft cocktail mixers and sodas using natural and locally sourced ingredients.


  • Raleigh City Farm : Market management, community & volunteer engagement, shopping valet service, culinary demos, and featured regional farmers & products.

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CATCH INFO 7.15.14: Red Grouper landed @ Beaufort, NC
Captain: Jimmy Eady F/V Zig Zag
Catch method: hook-n-line


Grouper has a mild but distinct flavor, somewhere between bass and halibut. Once the skin is removed from the fish, it’s hard to tell red grouper and gag apart, but gag has firmer meat when it’s fresh. The raw meat of both is white and lean. When cooked, the meat stays white, and is very firm, moist, and flaky. (Seafood Business, 2011)

Groupers and sea basses belong to the Serranidae family, one of the largest and most widely distributed families of fish. Red grouper is the most well-known grouper in the market, but gag is popular as well. Gag is sometimes mistakenly referred to as black grouper (Mycteroperca spp.). The two species look similar and, to add to the confusion, gag has traditionally been called black grouper in some areas. (


Paul’s Grilled Grouper

Grouper Sandwiches with Wasabi Coleslaw – Bon Appétit

Broiled Fish Collars with Citrus Soy Sauce – Bon Appétit

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