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“Just want to say, we just finished eating smoked blue fish fresh from the grill. Awesome!
Thanks to you all for your quality control, your diligence and hard work, and for making it so convenient to order and pick up great seafood.” Jim J.

“We recently moved to NC, and bought some flounder this morning at the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market. Being a New England seafood snob, I wasn’t expecting much, but I have changed my tune: it was fresh and delicious! They suggested the flounder as an intro, since that is something I was used to, but also suggested striped mullet as an alternative, something local that I might also like, I’ll probably get that next week. What a treat to have good fresh seafood again after so many years away from the coast!” C.B.

“We have very much enjoyed the benefits of what you have done and wish you ongoing success amidst this complex marketplace for sustainable, high quality and fair trade seafood. Your continuing commitment to the retail trade is appreciated!” M.F.

“We love all your seafood. Never had an issue. You all are top notch!”

“The Crab Slough oysters were absolutely delicious and so easy to shuck! We should have bought a bushel!”

“The whale soft shell crabs were absolutely delicious! And thanks for the crab and pasta recipe on your website.”

“The oysters I picked up for thanksgiving were the best I have had in 20 years. These were the oysters from the “crab slough”. The Bodie Island were great as well. Plan to order again soon. Thanks.” T.B.

“Thank you for this program! We enjoyed our Locals Seafood last night. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce my family to new types of FRESH seafood while supporting NC fishermen, which is important to this Eastern NC transplant who still has many friends in the industry. I look forward to our future Wednesdays! – CSF Customer

“A couple weeks at the state farmer’s market I purchased 1 1/2 pounds of fresh sea scallops. To be honest, they were some of the absolute best scallops I’ve ever eaten in my life! I seared them just like the gentleman working told me to do (I did jazz it up just a bit) and wow, just wow! I wrote about my experience on my blog, Where there’s a meal, there’s a way! …Thank you for providing such quality seafood to the Raleigh area!” -Keleigh May

“Holy smokes. That was the best meal of seafood I’ve ever had. We boiled up a storm with the shrimp, and we steamed the crabs to perfection. Thank you thank you thank you. It was an incredible party mostly because of how good the seafood was.” – Sam, Boulted Bread

“I bought 2lbs of Spanish Mackerel from you today in Raleigh. We just fried it up, and it was delicious! Looking forward to my next purchase.” -Ashley, Erwin, nc

“I am happy to report that my husband was pleasantly surprised with the delectable shad roe placed on the table. My many thanks to Locals Seafood for giving me this opportunity! If shad roe had not been on their website I never would have known this rich history!!!” – Lori Lawrence
>> check out her shad roe recipe

“I ordered & picked up black sea bass today and prepared it this evening using your recommended recipe: “Yagihashi’s Sea Bass with Somen and Vegetables”. It was delicious! And the fish was so fresh and delicate. What a hit! Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Jane Ferdon”

“Swordfish that I got this week was FABULOUS!!! My husband is a huge swordfish fan, but we have never found any in NC as good as what we get on vacation in New England….until now. Thank you once again!” – Karen P.

“So nice to have a source for NC seafood! Great quality, helpful staff. And I enjoy hearing the stories of who caught what I’m having for dinner.” – Debbie Moose

“I have to say that the smoked sturgeon is amazing! Thank you so much for bringing it to Raleigh so we could experience it. I’m looking forward to ordering from you again (ribbonfish and flounder were our last two purchases). I hope you’ll consider carrying ribbonfish more often in the future, I feel like I got lucky to be there at the right time to snag some. Thanks for all the fish!”: – Cori R.

“The ribbonfish I bought from @localsseafood tasted so good that I was inspired to find out what ribbonfish is.” @sobsey

“Made the sturgeon last night with the lemon soy swordfish recipe marinade and everyone including the kids gobbled it up. Thank you for the fresh seafood!!!” – Juliann Z.

“We just had your dogfish and we’re once again oooooing and aaahhhing over how wonderful it was. We have had scallops, shrimp, sea bass and swordfish and have enjoyed it immensly!! You have brought me back to loving seafood again. Local is the key. Kiss whole foods good bye!! Thank you so much for educating me on the difference with local and fresh!!!” – Mary D.

“Picked up a bushel of oysters Saturday morning. Without a doubt the best I have had in years. I will be back for more.” – Bryan L.

“The clams were great, so fresh. The lump crab was excellent too. Very happy crowd. Thanks for your quality seafood!” – Rosanne

“Want to let you know how great the sword was seared on the grill. Also the shell oysters are nice size, have a well-defined cup and hinge so are easy to shuck, and have a bright salty flavor. Hope these goodies stay around through the holidays.” – Fred

“The tuna I bought and grilled last night was a good as I have had in many years! Can’t wait to jump into the greentails!” – Lee S.

“Just a quick note to tell you what a fabulous scallop dinner we had last night thanks to your catch. We look forward to red drum tonight and crab cakes for lunch. No poultry or red meat for us! Thank you for all you do to provide us with great, clean and safe seafood. We love your service and products!” – Candy B.

“Just finished swordfish dinner, quality was superb. Thanks for providing this freshness to us in Raleigh.” – Mike F.

“Hey there! We bought some skin-on flounder from you today at the Farmer’s Market, and wanted you to know it was fantastic!! We just moved to NC from FL and have been struggling to find good fish. Now we know!!! Thanks!” Dana C.

“I love being able to stop in at LoMo on Tuesdays after my trip to the gym and grab some fresh things, including seafood from Locals. I am a HUGE fan of Locals at the Saturday Chapel Hill Farmers Market, and it’s great to be able to get more fish mid-week.” K.P.

“Just crushed trout from @localsseafood. If you are buying seafood elsewhere, stop it now.” @dannylumsden

“The crabs were awesome yesterday. Thanks Lin and Ryan for your great seafood.” – John S.

“I came for just the shrimp but the scallops and tuna looked too good to pass up!” – Susan B.

“The Scamp Grouper we bought was AWESOME! Oolong tea + honey + soy marinade, ate it semi-raw… seriously, you have our eternal gratitude. Best fish we’ve had in a long time.” George – Chapel Hill Customer

“My first two “fish episodes” have been fantastic. I had never met either red fish or King Mackerel. I’m now a huge fan. Wanted you to know we can’t eat some other lucky fan gets ours. Scallops, yes indeed! This is a great cooking adventure. Bring it on. thanks, Barbara” – Catch Customer

“Thank you all, and thank the fisherman for me too! I can only imagine how much hard work and crazy logistics go into providing this delicious source of nourishment. I had a wonderful dinner with the monkfish in lemon butter sauce! Oysters for appetizer :) I learned how high in Zinc those are. Meant to also tell you that the seafood stew (with homemade fish broth from the bones) that I made last week was a big hit as well and with 9 & 12 y/o boys, that’s not always the case. I’m so very thankful to have you all providing fresh and local seafood!!!” – Gwen

“I bought Oysters for New Years Eve..they were absolutely phenomenal …some of the best ever had !! (and I am Italian and picky) – Sonia

“Hi, I’m the shad lady from CH Farmers Mkt. Two of the 3 pieces were cooked in the oven and, although I cooked them slowly, had lots of bones. I didn’t mind at all b/c it was absolutely delicious. Yesterday I cooked a beet and veggie stew in my crock pot all day and laid the last piece of shad on top. I carefully removed it 10 hrs later and was delighted to see that all but 4 bones had been absorbed. Unfortunately it took on the taste of my curried stew. I preferred the taste of the baked shad, but great to know I am getting added calcium from all those absorbed bones in the stew….and much less fuss.
I promised to write so you can inform others in the future. Let me know the first of the catch next season and I’ll be the first person in line. Thanks for bringing us great fish.” – Barbara

“Just wanted to let you guys know that the oysters we had over the weekend were outstanding. I was even able to get a person who has always turned their nose up at them to try them and has fallen in love with them! I know where I will get them from now on.” – Jud W.

“The swordfish I bought at the Western Wake Farmers’ Market was AMAZING and super fresh.” – Juliann Z.

“Just wanted to let you know that your seafood is the BEST in town. I live downtown and so buy it at our Farmer’s Market every Wednesday that I can. Had Sheepshead this week for the first time and it was delicious. Will look for you next week!” Thanks, Helena O.

“Thanks for the wonderful crabs, they were amazing. We will be ordering again this summer.”

“Stopped by the Raleigh Farmers Market today and got some large #1 jimmie blue crabs. The best I have had this year. Locals always has great blue crabs. Check them out at the one of the Markets .. it will be worth your while.. Thanks Ryan and Lin !!!” – John S.

“Thanks for providing such a great service. The seafood share is always great.” – Dan

“The soft shell crab and scallops were amazing. Local and fresh can’t be beat! We’ll be back for more.” – Holly

“I purchased some tuna from you 2 weekends ago and it was fabulous!” – C.S.

“How EXCITING. Thank you for launching this business. My husband and I bought oodles of seafood from you at WHEN PIGS FLY locations. Now you’ll deliver to our door! Wonderful. I’ll leave a cooler on the front porch. And, we’ll be eating right Friday night! Can’t wait – thank you.” – Donna S.

“The Cobia was excellent – especially smeared with wasabi, broiled and served on spinach with a little soy sauce and sesame seeds. Thanks again for delivery.”

“The Locals Catch was excellent – made ceviche out of the swordfish and grilled the sea bass in some banana leaves with lemon, garlic, rosemary. Both were great. Looking forward to grilling some tuna this weekend.” – Hall S.

“Enjoyed @localsseafood oysters. Perfect doesn’t come close.”
“Great eats from @localsseafood. Definitely check them out at @wwfm” – Thomas M.

“We grilled our swordfish last night using the recipe from Epicurious. Soooooo good!!” – Deanna, WWFM Customer

“Our family just had the shad roe for lunch today. We used the recipe from the NPR link on your website, sautéing it in butter with salt and pepper and adding lemon juice, parsely, chives, and thyme. Wow, it was so good! Everyone loved it, and you can tell that it is so good for you! Thanks for bringing it.” Christi, WWFM Customer

“The oysters were out of sight. Went to a friends house and they steamed them on the stove. I am ready to go out and buy an oyster shucking knife. The swordfish also looks great. You guys are doing great by me.” – Alan G. Locals Catch Customer

“Somewhere, there is a Striped Bass with my name on it. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s @localsseafood – thanks guys!” – Jim Pellegrini, Muddy Dog Coffee

“@localsseafood nc oyster. they’re really fantastic. #happythankgivingtome” – Luke H. Raleigh

“Thank you @localsseafood for providing great local seafood to Raleigh!” – RockyTop Hospitality

“Thank you @localsseafood for the amazing crab. My mom’s crab dip was the big hit at Crossfit Exchange Holiday party.”
“Thai Red Curry Fish was so delicious last night thanks to @localsseafood for the striped bass!” Robin Bodwin – Raleigh, Chef

“Thank you so much for delivering the oysters. They were very yummy and a huge hit!” Kate N. – Raleigh