All we are saying, is give Bluefish a chance

bluefish-basket-sqBluefish has a bad rap. It has a legendary reputation for being the “fishiest” fish around. This is due to a chemical compound in the fish that degrades when exposed to air and warmth over time. Since it is so sensitive, very few seafood vendors take the time and care to handle Bluefish correctly. As time is also a factor, many purveyors simply can’t get the fish to you soon enough. The bluefish you will have at a restaurant in New York or at your Uncle’s beach house in Virginia on a hot summer day is more than likely not the same as you will get from Locals Seafood. We can’t speak to other companies and how well they take care of Bluefish. We do, however, know exactly where our Bluefish came from and how it has been stored from dock to market.

We are one of the few people who care for Bluefish right. Our fish is cut at the last minute and kept extremely cold until it hits your bag. You will get the most fresh and sweet Bluefish in the Triangle if not farther afield. If you have tried Bluefish before from someone else and not liked it, we say give our Bluefish a try.

If you have never eaten Bluefish before, here are three good reasons to give it a chance:

It is incredibly good for your health. As an oily fish, the Omega-3 fats are through the roof. Adults are recommended to get 500 mg of O3 a day. One ¼ lb serving of Bluefish has over 1250 mg. The same serving contains over 100% of your B12 vitamins, and almost 30% of your recommended daily intake of B6. Bluefish Nutritional Specifics

It is affordable. Bluefish will rarely run above $10 per lb. If you learn to love Bluefish you can get the tremendous health benefits of eating fish at a comparably low cost.

It’s ready for culinary experimentation. Bluefish holds up to strong flavors. Roll out your spiciest or complicated recipe—Bluefish is game. Remember that air and heat is your enemy. So keep the fish sealed and chilled until ready to cook. Since you want to keep out that air, Bluefish loves to be submerged in a good marinade or sauce.

Want one more reason? Paul Greenberg, author of American Catch who came to Durham this year, likes it. Here is a link to a quick little article with his perspective on Bluefish that contains his recipe for a Vietnamese preparation:

Fast Vietnamese Caramel Bluefish

Other recipes:

*Remember, our Bluefish is not nearly as “fishy” or strong as alluded to in many recipes online. Give your Locals Bluefish a fair chance to wow you with its unique and healthy flavor this fall.

Grilled Bluefish with Creamed Corn and Herb Croutons – Barton Seaver

Deviled Bluefish with Fried Potatoes & Coleslaw

Bacon-Wrapped Bluefish

Broiled Bluefish with Tomato and Herbs

Smoked Bluefish

Smoking Fish at Home

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