Porgy / Scup

RECENT CATCH INFO: Porgy / Scup landed @ Wanchese, NC
Catch method: trawl

Porgy (aka Scup) is small, mild tasting fish that yields a lean, flaky fillet. In a blind tasting hosted by Sea Grant Maine, customers were given a sample of both Tilapia and Porgy. Taste testers voted the Porgy as better tasting, noting the Porgy had a more tender texture and slightly sweeter taste compared to the Tilapia. Eaten since colonial times, Porgy / Scup populations have been declared sustainable by fisheries scientists.

Great Porgy Recipes from the New York Seafood Council

Baked Porgy Fillets in Foil with Mushrooms

Porgy w/ Starfruit and Pumpkin Seeds


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