Gray Triggerfish

CATCH INFO: Fish landed @ Beaufort, NC
Catch method: hook n line

photo: MandolinKitchen

Grey Triggerfish remind us of some of the characters we meet on the coast, thick skinned, but sweet on the inside. Trigger is a “trash fish” success story, not too long ago, folks tossed this catch. The skin of this fish has been compared to a tough baseball glove. We sell the fillets skin off, so no worries about getting that stuck in your teeth. This fillet is firm yet flakes beautiful white meat. It can be substituted in any recipe that calls for snapper.

Triangle area chefs love this fish, but the love doesn’t stop in our corner of the south. Charleston-based Chefs Sean Brock and Mike Lata sing the praises of Trigger in this 2009 Charleston City Paper article. 2009! Chefs have been sweet on this beautiful white fish for ages. Your turn.

See you at the markets!

Grilled Triggerfish with Potato Salad from James Beard 2014 semifinalist Jeremiah Bacon

Pecan crusted Trigger with pecan veggie relish

Triggerfish and asparagus bundles

Cornmeal crusted Triggerfish with Dilly Farro Salad

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