African Pompano

Recent Catch Info: Fish landed @ Southport, NC
Catch Method: Spear


African Pompano is more closely to related to the Amberjack, than its similarly named cousin Florida Pompano. A member of the Jack family (Carangidae), the meat of African Pompano is high in oil and noticeably fatty. Its strong flavor pairs well with marinades and can be cooked any number of ways due to its firm texture. African Pompano is as much enjoyed raw as cooked. Its buttery texture makes it a wonderful sashimi option paired with a blend of salted dipping sauces. The large head of the African Pompano also makes it a great option for fish stock or fish head curries.

Lemongrass-Marinated Pompano with Dipping Sauce

Pompano with Crabmeat and Citrus Beurre Blanc

Pompano en Papilotte (in Parchment)

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