Speckled Trout

RECENT CATCH INFO: Fish Landed @ Wanchese, NC
Catch method: strike net


A common estuarine fish, Speckled Trout can be found throughout the Southern Atlantic and into the Gulf of Mexico. Frequently caught on grassy, shallow flats, these fish can be found in just about any nearshore or inshore waters! Contrary to its name, Speckled Trout is not a member of the trout family, and but a member of the drum family. It possesses a similar mild white fillet to Black and Red Drum, but is slightly more delicate in texture. Prized by sport fisherman for its taste and fighting ability, this fish is one of the more popular inshore fish caught throughout the South.


White Fish 12 Ways – Mark Bittman

John Besh’s Louisiana Speckled Trout Amandine

Trout Orleans

Stuffed Speckled Trout

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