Fresh Picked Crab Meat

Our crab meat is fresh picked (never pasteurized) from steamed Blue Crabs caught in Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound.


Crab Meat Grades:

Jumbo Lump crab meat comes from the two swimming legs of larger crabs. It can be used whole and has a brilliant white color. It makes a premium crab cake when mixed with backfin or lump and is delicious warmed in butter or as a topping on steak, fish or salads.

Lump crab meat is composed of smaller broken pieces of Jumbo Lump and Backfin. This grade of crab meat is ideal for crab cakes.

Backfin comes from the body of the crab and is white in color. It’s perfect for salads, crab cakes and dips.

Claw meat comes from the swimming fins and claws. It has a stronger taste profile and is darker in color. It is ideal in soups and dips.

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