Mahi Mahi

RECENT CATCH INFO: Fish landed @ Wanchese, NC
Catch Method: longline (short trip)

Mahi-mahi is also known as dorado, dolphin or dolphinfish (no relation to dolphin the mammal)

>> Mahi-Mahi – recipes and facts

“Mahi mahi has a sweet, mild flavor. For a milder flavor, trim away darker portions of the meat. Mahimahi is lean and fairly firm with large, moist flakes. The raw flesh is pinkish to grayish-white, although along the lateral line the flesh is dark. When cooked, the meat is off-white. The thick skin of mahimahi should be removed before cooking.”



Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Thai Coconut Sauce – Bon Appétit

Almond Crusted Mahi Mahi with Coconut Basil Sauce – Food 52

Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos – Bon Appétit

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