Hip Hop Hooray for the Holidays


Finalized the menu for your Easter and Passover celebrations yet? Hop to it! Lamb is predictable, ham is for the masses. Start a new tradition this year and treat the ones you love to a North Carolina seafood feast at these special occasions. Bright spring flavors work beautifully with fish, and whole fish can be a dramatic centerpiece that is easy to prepare for a large group. We’ve included a few inspirational recipe ideas below, pre-order to make sure we have the items you need.

This weekend we’ll have not one not two but THREE different types of bass available, Black Sea Bass, wild Striped Bass, and our aquaculture darling Hybrid Striped Bass. Triggerfish – mild, dense and meaty with a beautiful white flake will also be at the markets in addition to other favorites. We’ll see you at the markets!

Whole Striped Bass in a Crust of Salt

Fingerling Potato Galettes with Smoked Trout

Poached Flounder with Mint Beurre Blanc

Spring Greens with Smoked Trout 

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