Catch Info: Flounder Landed @ Beaufort, NC
Catch Method: gigged


Flounder isn’t the flashiest fish we sell, but there’s a lot to be said for a sure thing. Think of flounder as the comfort food of the sea, mild and versatile with a delicate white fillet. Since this fish is available widely up and down the Atlantic Coast, it is a familiar item to both transplants and native North Carolinians. Since it is a flatfish, the fillets, especially on the smaller fish, can be somewhat thin, making it one of nature’s fast foods – you can take this fillet from the fridge to the dinner table in less than 10 minutes. Adaptable to a wide variety of cooking styles, this fish is popular for good reason.

Crabmeat-stuffed Flounder Roulades

Oil-poached Flounder

Oven-roasted flounder with Cilantro and Bok Choy and Lime

Golden Flounder with Caper Almond Dressing

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