Serendipity Seafood

Bycatch is a word without charm, and we’re not big fans of the term trash fish either. We love all the fish in the sea here at Locals Seafood, we’d hate to think that any of them overheard us “trash-talking” about underutilized species. That’s why we love sharing information about fish that may not be on your radar. A lot of these species appear when fishermen are actually targeting another, more commercially popular species. Chance brings a lesser known fish onto their line instead of that yellowfin tuna. That lesser known fish actually tastes great. Let’s call it serendipity seafood.

Almaco Jack is one of those serendipity seafood items. A dense, mild, white fish, Almaco Jack is a serendipity seafood that is commonly caught while fishing for larger fish this time of year. Skinless and boneless, the fish is perfect for the grill or the oven, but we love this firm fillet best in the classic fish taco. It is a member of the amberjack family, so feel free to use Almaco in any amberjack recipe you find except this one – might taste a li’l funny.

Friendly reminder that Chapel Hill Farmers Market’s summer hours begin this Saturday. Head over and see Mike D as early as 8am in the new location near Wells Fargo on the S. Estes side of the U Mall parking lot starting this weekend. He’ll be there with a smile and your pre-order. See you at the markets!

Grilled Fish Tacos with a Roasted Chile and Avocado Salsa

Grilled Fish Tacos with Spicy Mango-Adobo Salsa

Amberjack with Radishes and Basil

Grilled Amberjack with Country-Style Dijon Cream Sauce

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