Banded Rudderfish

RECENT CATCH INFO: Fish landed @ Southport, NC
Catch method: hook-n-line


Finally, a good ol’ regular name for a lesser known fish that we love, banded rudderfish. Its not named after another animal, it doesn’t sound or even look scary, so get to liking it! Rudderfish has been on so many menus at celebrated restaurants in Charleston the last couple of years that folks are used to seeing the rudderfish crudo and rudderfish tartare at hot spots like McCrady’s, Husk, The Macintosh, The Ordinary and FIG. In Chapel Hill, our friend Chef James Clark at Carolina Crossroads at the Carolina Inn has been using Banded Rudderfish for years as well. Don’t let these fancy places intimidate you though, Cabo Fish Taco down in Charlotte has used both blackened and fried rudder for a humble fish taco.

This member of the amberjack family can be found as far north as Nova Scotia, but water temps of about 63 are their sweet spot, and they can often be found in shallower water than other amberjacks. The rudderfish is a firm white fish and can be substituted in amberjack recipes. See you at the markets!

Oh, and just in case you need a li’l tipple while you cook, try an Amberjack. Clearly the most appropriate cocktail to choose while cooking rudderfish.

Grilled Amberjack Tacos

Grilled Amberjack with Country Style Dijon Cream

Pan seared Amberjack w/ Mixed Greens & Crawfish Vinaigrette (or NC shrimp?)

Rudderfish Crudo w Citrus Marinated Flowers and Vegetables (pictured, credit


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