aka Atlantic Cutlassfish, Hairtail

RECENT CATCH INFO: Fish landed @ Wanchese, NC
Catch Method: drop net (nearshore)


Walk on the wild side. Seriously how many opportunities will you have to enjoy fresh North Carolina ribbonfish? Particularly popular in recipes with Chinese influence, this sleek and silver skinned fish has mild, tender meat that flakes easily off the bones.

Bone-in steaks can be grilled or roasted. Fillets are excellent in the pan. Ribbonfish are also a good fish to dry.

Winter Rolls with Crispy NC Ribbonfish
– Triangle Localista

Many of the recipes we’ve seen online advise to braise or fry ribbonfish:

Braised Ribbonfish – CSF Customer Recipe

Braised Ribbonfish

Deep fried Ribbonfish

Korean Recipes (video)

Galchi Jorim, braised in spicy sauce

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