Hybrid Striped Bass

HARVEST INFO: Fish grown in Washington, NC
Grower: Oak Grove Fish Farm

Hybrid Striped Bass are raised by farmers across the state. These fish are the result of natural cross breeding between white and striped bass. The fish are raised free from antibiotics, hormones and pollutants. They can be harvested year-round, creating a consistent supply of healthy, delicious fish for chefs and consumers alike.

The flavor is similar in taste, if a bit milder, to that of Striped Bass. Its delicate, flakey meat make this fish ideal for a pan searing, baking, grilling, frying, you name it!


Hybrid Striped Bass featured on PBS’ Flavor, NC with recipes by Chef Tom Armstrong of Vinnie’s Steak House

Striped Bass Puttanesca

Striped Bass in a Clay Pot

Plancha Grilled Striped Bass with Creamed Kale

Roasted Striped Bass from the Barefoot Contessa

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