Hybrid Striped Bass

HARVEST INFO: Fish grown in Washington, NC
Grower: Oak Grove Fish Farm


Products available through Locals Seafood: Hybrid Striped Bass, whole fish and skin-on fillets

Founded in 2002 by a group of aquaculture producers in North Carolina, The Fish Connection Cooperative understands the importance of working together to deliver the highest quality hybrid striped bass possible, consistently available 52 weeks a year. They raise the fish in an environment free of antibiotics, hormones, and pollutants – yielding a clean, sustainable product that tastes great – something everyone can feel good serving.

The Hybrid Striped Bass is harvested to order, giving our customers the freshest possible product. The whole fish range in size and grade from 1lb (small) to 2.5+lb (jumbo). Skin-on white fillets range in size accordingly. With slightly more fat content than its wild counterpart, chefs and retail customers alike love the option of working with this exceptional product. Its consistent quality and availability translate into a steady menu item perfect year round for restaurants as well as the home cook.


Hybrid Striped Bass featured on PBS’ Flavor, NC with recipes by Chef Tom Armstrong of Vinnie’s Steak House

Striped Bass Puttanesca

Striped Bass in a Clay Pot

Plancha Grilled Striped Bass with Creamed Kale

Roasted Striped Bass from the Barefoot Contessa

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