CATCH INFO: Clams harvested near New River, Bogue Sound, White Oak River
WILD Harvest Method: Rake
We also feature Clams cultivated by Mark Hooper – Smyrna, NC

credit: Triangle Localista

Bogue Sound littleneck clams harvested by down east fishermen are an approachable item that can be an easy sell, especially to our friends from up north. As y’all know, lots of Yanks have been moving down to our great state in recent years. While folks may not be familiar with sheepshead, littlenecks are popular from North to South, East to West.

And for good reason! Their handy serving sizes make them easy to cook for a party of one or a great big party. Clams have a rich, briny flavor and cook quickly. Furthermore, we’d like to start the petition to add clams to the superfoods list. Three ounces of steamed clams provide omega-3 fatty acids to keep your heart happy, as well as vitamin B12 and a very healthy dose of iron (133% of the RDA) vitamin C (30% of the RDA), 22 g of protein and just 126 calories. They may not technically be a superfood yet, but that nutritional value is super news.

Just remember for these littlenecks to be all they can be, don’t forget to purge them

Steamed Clams – Bit & Grain

Clams Casino – Bit & Grain

Steamed Clams in Spicy Brodetto with Garlic Bread – Mario Batali

One-Pot Kitchen Clam Bake

Ragout of Clams with Spinach, Sausage and Orzo

Clams Steamed with Hennepin Beer

Clams in Chili-Cilantro Oil

Middlenecks, Topnecks & Chowder Clams available by special request, 50 count minimum. Place ORDER one week ahead.

NC Clams in Garlic and Foothills Beer Broth from the 3on3 at the Winter Seafood Jubilee blogger Kristen Baughman

Littleneck Clams with New Potatoes and Spring Onions

Littleneck Clams with Spicy Venison Sausage

Smoking Seafood at Home

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