Wild Harvest NC Oysters

Location: Pamlico Sound + Newport River
Harvest Method: hand harvest/tonged/dredge

Wild oysters are one of the great American food treasures, one of those items that has been a signature part of the American diet for thousands of years. Really! The story of the humble oyster reflects the story of America in many ways.

We might be accustomed to seeing oysters now, but what on earth did that first person think when they first saw that intimidating shell & decided to crack one open? Oysters are a perfect example of a seafood item that might not look pretty but sure does taste delicious. Intensely briny with a soft texture, they have a powerful flavor profile and insist on being the star of the dish.

Loaded with zinc and B12, the humble oyster is rich in nutrients that increase immunity and boost energy. 

The wild Pamlico crab slough oysters we sell can surprise folks. In addition to the oyster meat, other guests might be living inside the shell. Pea crabs and oyster worms can be found in these wild oysters from time to time – remember these oysters were plucked from oyster beds that are very productive marine habitats. Neither pose any known health risks, and in fact, the tiny crabs are considered a delicacy by many.

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