Striped Bass (aka Rockfish)

Catch method: gill net

Striped bass (aka rockfish) is high in protein and low in calories – a 3 oz serving has 15g of protein and just 80 calories. Add the health benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids, and a firm white flesh that loves everything from the grill to a pan sauté and you’ve got a whole lot to love in one little fillet.


Striped Bass can be substituted in recipes that call for snapper, halibut, cod or grouper. This is a great opportunity to refer to the classic Mark Bittman guide, White Fillet a Dozen Ways.

Saveur featured at least 8 different Striped Bass recipes including fillets with chanterelles

Striped Bass with Cilantro-Onion Salad and Yogurt-Avocado Purée – Barton Seaver

Striped Bass Poached in Spicy Soy Sauce another Bittman classic that would work well with both fish

Steamed Striped Bass with Ginger & Scallions from Lantern Chef/Owner Andrea Reusing

Striped Bass with Favas and Couscous

Striped Bass with Browned Hazelnut Butter, Lemon and Parsley

Striped Bass with Lime Broth

Seared Rockfish with herb butter – Bit & Grain


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