Better than Bananas

We all know smart eating habits and the associated health benefits can actually help you keep your cool. And man, you are cooler than cool! Your friends at Locals are here to make you feel like the rock star/goddess you really are. It all starts with one simple piece of advice…EAT MORE LOCAL SEAFOOD. Surprise!

We’re featuring two nutrient rich ocean fish to help you stay satisfied and heart healthy without compromising on delicious: Swordfish and Tuna

Did you know (aka fun facts to share)…

Many of our customers ask us about mercury in seafood. There are wonderful resources online that speak to the truths behind mercury in seafood. The National Resources Defense Council offers a handy mercury calculator that factors in weight and fish origin as well as portion size. The fact remains that many organizations, including the North Carolina Department of Health advise women of childbearing age and a few other groups not to consume fish that are high in mercury.

For those who want to put on their fancy pants, check out this link with 5 fresh tuna recipes that include Tuna Tartare with Foie Gras. We were also fascinated by Iron Chef Morimoto’s list of tips for lovers of raw tuna.

This collection of best swordfish recipes from our friends at Food 52 has unexpected ideas for this steak-y fish, like Suya Swordfish, made with an adaptation of a Nigerian peanut marinade, and San Francisco Swordfish Cakes.

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