Triggerfish Season Open

gray-triggerfishAt Locals, we sell fish from the well-managed fisheries off the North Carolina coast. One of the controls that authorities use to manage fish populations is catch limits. Triggerfish season has been closed since early summer. Well friends and Trigger lovers, we have good news. The commercial annual catch limit for Grey Triggerfish was not met, and the season has been reopened for commercial harvest until November 14th.

Trigger has become a favorite of chefs and retail customers alike because of its mild flavor and firm texture with a pretty white flake. Get it while we have it, because the season won’t reopen again until January 1st.

Jeremiah Bacon (from The Macintosh in Charleston) recipe for Grilled Triggerfish with Potato Salad works well with Swordfish and King Mackerel!

Coastal Carolina Cuisine YouTube featuring Chef Kelly Murphrey preparing Triggerfish Piccata.

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