Sturgeon raised in North Carolina


Survivors of the ice-age, Russian Sturgeon have been around a long time. Unfortunately, overfishing and habitat encroachment have decimated the wild Russian Sturgeon population.

Enter Marshallberg Farm, an aquaculture operation in North Carolina. Marshallberg Farm is helping conserve the remaining wild Sturgeon popRussian Sturgeonulation by producing farmed meat and caviar. This reduces the need to harvest wild Sturgeon and allows their populations to continue to replenish. Marshallberg fish are raised without added hormones, antibiotics, or PCBs. Farmed Sturgeon is one of the most sustainably produced meats in the country. You can learn more about Marshallberg Farm on their website.

Sturgeon has a mild, buttery flavor that stands up well to complex flavors and bold preparations. Sturgeon meat has a very unique texture comparable to a tender pork chop or veal cutlet. It is best prepared slow-cooked as it tenses up when put on direct heat. We recommend baking Sturgeon rather than pan frying or grilling. For extra tender sturgeon, similar to a pork tenderloin, bake for a longer time a lRussian Sturgeon Steaksow temperature.


Vinegar Poached Sturgeon with Thyme-Butter Sauce

Sturgeon with Caper, Olive, and Tomato Sauce

Marinated Sturgeon with Moroccan Chickpea Salad

Smoked Sturgeon

Herb-and-Chile-Marinated Fish Shashlik

Available by Special Order:
Ossetra Caviar – 30g tin (~1oz)

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