Striped Bass + Tilefish


Striped Bass and Tilefish: two of our best sellers that we are pleased to have for the markets this weekend. These always sell quickly because of their versatility and broad appeal. Striped bass aka rockfish is high in protein and low in calories – a 3 oz serving has 15g of protein and just 80 calories. Add the health benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids, and a firm white flesh that loves everything from the grill to a pan sautee and you’ve got a whole lot to love in one little fillet.

Equally appealing is the blueline tilefish – that dense white fillet that we love selling to grouper lovers. Perfect for the broiler or a pan roast – it’s a mild white fish that provides the perfect gateway for exploring species that may not have been on your radar.

Both fish can be substituted in recipes that call for snapper, grouper, and (gulp…tilapia…although you never touch the stuff anymore!). This is a great opportunity to refer to the classic Mark Bittman guide, White Fillet a Dozen Ways.

Bobby Flay’s Sauteed Tilefish with Haricots Verts

Saveur featured at least 8 different Wild Striped Bass recipes including fillets with chanterelles

Striped Bass Poached in Spicy Soy Sauce another Bittman classic that would work well with both fish

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