CATCH INFO: Fish landed @ Wanchese, NC
Catch Method: haul net


Sheepshead. It’s a staff favorite at Locals Seafood, but we have one heck of a time educating our customers about it. This inshore fish with a fondness for fiddler crabs is an underdog competing against familiar names like grouper, tuna, and flounder. Sheepshead. Say it a few times. That name is so weird! In addition to its unfortunate name, Sheepshead has the double whammy of its natural appearance – a suit of convict stripes and frighteningly human buck teeth. The poor thing just can’t get a break. Now let’s get down to what we love about it.

It’s ‘kinda’ the perfect white fish ever. It has the qualities that appeal to the pickiest eaters (ahem, it’s a mild white fish!) while still retaining a bit of sweetness thanks to its diet of crabs and sea urchins. The flake is dense and moist without being steak-like, and the texture stands up well to a variety of cooking methods. It’s even known as Poor Man’s Lobster in parts of Louisiana. Something tells us that might be a slightly more marketable name.

Baked Lemon Sheepshead; Broiled Whole Sheepshead; Spicy Sheepshead Nuggets

Video: Sean Brock of HUSK restaurant in Charleston prepares Sheepshead fillet on Hook, Line & Dinner

Sean Brock’s sheepshead fillet w/ cornbread puree and butterbean chow chow

Baked Sheepshead on Hoppin’ John

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