Head On Shrimp


Certain cultural truths exist.

  1. Europeans don’t eat much peanut butter.
  2. David Hasselhoff is a huge celebrity in Germany.
  3. Americans love head off shrimp.

There may be arguments to support those first two sentences (the ‘Hoff does have a pretty sweet voice), but we can’t get behind the head-off shrimp thing. The head contains the hepatopancreas, a digestive organ that is called the tomalley in lobster and crabs. It’s the stuff that makes shrimp taste the shrimpiest. You love that shrimpy flavor! So come on, friends! Shrimp is our best selling product at farmers markets across the Triangle. We introduced you to Tilefish. You fell in love with Sheepshead when you bought it from us for the first time. Listen to Locals, we won’t lead you down an un-tasty path. Give head on shrimp a chance!

Some of our favorite head on shrimp recipes

Garlic Shrimp (Chinese style)

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with Garlic Herb Butter

New Style New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp

Salt Roasted Shrimp

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