White Shrimp are here!


According to the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, shrimp are the second most economically important fishery in North Carolina. Our sales and your demand for this product can certainly reinforce that fact!

Sometimes folks look at us a little funny when we announce that we have brown shrimp. Yes. Brown shrimp. North Carolina is home to three main types of shrimp, actually, brown, pink and white. Right now we are beginning to see white shrimp, or green tails, the second most abundant species in North Carolina (second to brown shrimp).

“White shrimp are spawned in the ocean from March to November and are carried by tides and wind-driven currents into our estuaries. White shrimp are harvested primarily in the fall. These shrimp have a maximum life span of 24 months and they can grow as large as eight inches. White shrimp account for 28% of North Carolina’s shrimp landings.”

In terms of the flavor profile, most folks are not able to tell the difference between the browns, whites and pinks. These days we are just thrilled to see these little guys at all. We hope you enjoy this current harvest, and we look forward to seeing your photos on Facebook and Twitter of your fine kitchen creations. Here are a few recipes to inspire you…

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