Red Drum

RECENT CATCH INFO Fish Landed @ Wanchese, NC
Catch Method: haul net


Red Drum. Channel Bass. Puppy Drum. Redfish. Colorful names for one fish, one of the most plentiful we’ve seen this summer in fact, red drum. Here is a little more detail from NCDENR about this tasty fish with numerous names,

“Red drum is the accepted common name for this species by the American Fisheries Society, but they are also called channel bass, spottail bass and redfish. Juvenile red drum, those aged 1 to 4 years, are called puppy drum. Red drum are related to black drum, spotted seatrout, weakfish, sea mullets, croaker and spot, most of which also make drum sounds.”

This week we’re continuing to have a strong, steady supply of red drum, a fish that puzzles a lot of people at the markets. We typically sell the fillets skin off, skin on, and on the half shell – the “half shell” thing furrows brows left and right. “On the half shell” means the filleted fish has the scales still attached to the skin.

Red drum is beloved across the southeast, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico and in Creole cooking. Although a lot of red drum recipes have heavy components like a thick sauce or strong seasonings, we found several lighter twists on this favorite fish, including two different interpretations of very simple “On the half shell” recipes. Enjoy.

Sauteed Redfish with Black Eyed Pea Salad from Southern Living
Redfish on the Half Shell from celebrated New Orleans Chef Donald Link
Redfish on the Half Shell from Saveur

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