NC Freshwater Prawns

I attended the NC Aquaculture Development Conference last month and met several great farmers of striped bass, prawns, oysters & more. Don Ipock’s (check out video below) freshwater prawn farm was on the tour and I was very impressed with his operation. He is growing a great product and you just might like them more than shrimp!

Don is a member of the The American Prawn Cooperative (APC) and they produce a high quality crop of prawns each summer. The fresh harvest is in October and they process an IQF (individually quick frozen) prawn which we have brought to Raleigh for you to enjoy! Currently, we have 16-20 whole frozen Prawns for $14/lb.

The APC provides a contained system that monitors and records all inputs of our prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergi. Our feed never has animal or fish byproducts. We use no chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones with our pond waters and around the farms. Our ponds are designated no fly zones so that no airplanes or crop-duster planes can fly over the ponds potentially polluting the waters. Our naturally deveined Prawns and records allow the APC to provide 100% Traceability of our product. Our efforts provide the most succulent, wonderful tasting Prawn in the world.

NC Freshwater Prawn Recipes

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